Unexplained Weight Loss

It sounds quite weird when you come across people who lose weight unexpectedly. Weight loss is a very hard struggle that obese people have to make. But if you are suffering from a loss of weight without making an effort of it, then this matter requires deep concern. It is not normal to lose weight this way. An immediate consultation from doctor should be made if this is detected because it is an indication of serious disease. Loosing weight temporally at a very small rate does occur at time so it is normal. For example if your food intake does not change but the kind of food changes, it might happen that you are taking less calorie and more nutritious diet then before so in that case, loss of weight would be normal. But if without any change this occurs, there is some solid reason behind it. Get yourself checked immediately.

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The known reasons that can result in weight loss include excessive smoking, alcohol abuse, dehydration, diarrhea, diabetes, malnutrition, cancer, infections, tuberculosis, AIDS, stroke, mouth sores, side effects of medicines and many more. Such diseases should not be neglected. That is why an immediate action is required. Mental health also affects the weight of person. Anxiety and stress are considered to cause a loss of weight especially in women. Depression also makes one to eat less. And it also enforces to drink more wine and smoke so as a result, weight loss occurs. Cancer in digestive system is mostly identified if rapid weight loss occurs. Diabetes also occurs in children causing instant weight loss with dizziness and laziness. As enough insulin is not produced that can carry glucose to cells, the person become weak and tired. And with weight loss fatigue is a side effect. So these symptoms should be clearly identified.

Weight loss also occurs if there are worms inside the body. Tape worm usually occurs because of eating uncooked fish. They can also cause abdominal pains and result in no or more hunger with no gain in weight. Further age is also an important factor that affects gaining or losing of weight. If this occurs, the treatment will vary from case to case. But no delay should be made in getting your checkup. A doctor will ask you some other symptoms, take some test and then will advice you in getting a medicine that best suits you. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the better it is for the patient. If you are born thin then you are less likely to gain weight even if you eat more but fat people gets obese even if they eat a bit more than requirement. So care should be taken in both cases.

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