Green Tea - The Best Green Tea and How it Works For Weight Loss

Chinese people have been using green tea for centuries. Though it is grown in many other parts of the world as well, original green tea from china is in high demand. Its popularity has grown in recent years because of its remarkable weight loss capabilities. Consuming this tea on regular basis is one of the most preferred natural ways to lose weight.

You can lose weight either by reducing your calorie intakes or increasing your calorie consumption. Green tea helps you increase your calorie consumption. It contains caffeine which is known to stimulate central nervous system and cause fat to be released into the bloodstream for being used as fuel. Caffeine is general helps you burn fat effectively but often we add sugar and cream in our regular coffee therefore its effects are not visible.

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How Exactly Green Tea Works for Weight Loss

• It is a rich source of anti oxidants which are known to increase your metabolism. As your metabolism is speeded up, you start losing weight naturally.

• The food we eat is synthesized into 'Triglycerides' which are used as a source of energy for body. Excess triglycerides turn into fat. Polyphenol found in this tea activates various enzymes that dissolve excess triglycerides which result in fat loss.

• Process of thermogenesis (body's natural speed of burning fat) is sped up by stimulating central nervous system. Normally this process contributes 10% of energy expenditure. If you consume green tea on regular basis, your thermogenesis goes up by 30 %.

• As your overall energy level goes up, you tend to participate in physical activities for longer duration. It results in fast fat loss

How to Use it for burning fat

It is available in different forms like green tea extracts, chewing gum and also as other health supplements. However the best way to use it for fat loss is to drink 3-4 cups of brewed tea every day. You can also increase the consumption as per your needs because it is by and large a safe way to lose weight and gain instant energy.

How much weight can be lost by using it

You cannot expect any miracle weight loss effect by drinking this tea. However a gradual weight loss and overall well being can be felt within a few days.

The best Green Tea based weight loss supplement

As mentioned above you will not see any dramatic change in your weight by drinking ordinary tea. You must go for a fortified version of Green tea which is specially formulated for weight loss. Some brands of weight loss tea like Tava Tea has recently hit the market. It is a perfect blend of different types of teas which work wonders for melting fat in as little as 15 days.

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