You Are Not Alone If You Are Looking For a Quick Weight Loss Plan've been overweight for years and feel like you have tried everything to lose weight. You're reading this article hoping that there really is a quick weight loss plan that will work. You have ridden the roller coaster losing weight only to gain it back and maybe even more. People look at you and label you a loser in every way except weight loss. It seems like the only quick weight loss plan that could work would be major surgery. You wish it was as easy as quitting smoking but you can't go "cold turkey" on food! You have paid to be part of a quick weight loss plan group but it just feels like you are paying good money to hear someone tell you how bad you've been again.

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Well, you my friend are not alone. 34% Percent of adults age 20 years and over are obese (2007-2008) and add to that another 34 percent of adults age 20 years and are overweight (and not obese). (2007-2008)

We are getting better and better at understanding what causes weight gain and how to put in place a weight management plan focused on health. Overweight and obesity result from an energy imbalance. This involves eating too many calories and not getting enough physical activity. Body weight is the result of genes, metabolism, behavior, environment, culture, and socioeconomic status.

Being overweight is bad. But you already know that. You can't watch TV or walk down the street without hearing about all the diseases related to being overweight. And then there is always how other people look at you and make fun of you. All those skinny high-metabolism models have no idea that just looking at a hamburger puts 5 pounds on your body. Just smelling food adds inches to your waist.

But just in case you need to be reminded of why you started reading this article looking for a real quick weight loss plan, here are a few ways being overweight can ruin your health and your looks, not to mention your career and love life. Being overweight:

1. Is a major cause of type 2 diabetes.

2. Increases the risk of coronary heart disease.

3. Increases the risk for cancers (endometrial, breast and colon)!

4. Has been directly linked to hypertension.

5. Increases the risk of stroke.

6. Increases the risk of high cholesterol.

7. Increases the risk of liver and gall bladder disease.

8. Is a major cause of sleep apnea and respiratory problems.

9. Increases the risk of osteoarthritis.

No weight management plan will work unless you are willing to commit to it. As with any diet plan, you should check in with your doctor especially if you suffer any symptoms listed above.

With the Quick Weight Loss Plan, you can:

1. Lose weight and maintain your sanity.

2. Not be bothered a "counselor" calling you incessantly to make another food sale.

3. Be confident you are making progress toward your goal.

4. Look forward to all the compliments.

5. Start a regimen you can live with.

So are you ready to enlist in the war and take the step toward a leaner and healthier you?

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