Low Carb Weight Loss Diet - How to Make it Work

Does Low carb weight loss diet sound familiar to you? Have you tried it before? I had! Sure it gains results if you stick with it. Before I started with my diet I was practically living in the gym trying and pushing myself to the limits, but the thing was - my weight stayed the same. Sure I did a lot of good work for my health, but nevertheless I didn't loose any weight. After the practice, when I came home, the first thing I did was to rob my refrigerator. My body needed food! My body needed carbohydrates and what I did at the gym I lost few hours later. I didn't even think about starting a low carb weight loss diet and I was pretty unhappy with myself.

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Than I started to do some research and came across to a low carb weight loss diet and I said to my self, Let's give it a try. I can't loose anything but my weight. Here are some facts.

Fact 1: Low carb weight loss diet has helped millions people over the world and there is no reason why it couldn't help you. When you do your meal plan you have to be very careful what you eat and how you prepare your menu. The menu you will prepare has to be according to your lifestyle, your habits and must satisfy your personal needs. When doing a diet you have to choose your food carefully and make sure that you will not starve.

Fact 2: Low carb weight loss diet is based on the principle of strict reduction of carbohydrates. But when you cut down something, you have to replace it with something else. So if you cut down the carbohydrates you have to substitute it with fat and proteins. Daily you should get at least 60-70% of calories from fat. This will satisfy your daily needs. Of course daily needs of the calories varies from people to people and it depends on your lifestyle, work...

Fact 3: When you eat food reach with carbohydrates, blood sugar increases and this stimulates Insulin production in your body which also transfers carbohydrates into fat.

Fact 4: When you make a reduction of the carbohydrates, your insulin level falls and glycogen level increases. This is a hormone which transfers your body fat into the energy. With this diet you can also lower your cholesterol level. So not only will you loose weight with a Low carb weight loss diet, you can also improve your health condition and improve your lifestyle.

Before you start with your Low carb weight loss diet you have to make sure that you know all the facts, you have to carefully prepare your meal plan. It has helped millions of people, some are trying to loose weight fast, but if you plan your diet correctly it can help you gain your long term weight loss terms. There is also one important fact which you have to take into consideration. With a low carb weight loss diet you will lose weight if you planned it correctly, but you must not forget the benefits of exercise. Good luck to you all!

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