Give Your Diet an Edge With These 7 Weird, Fast Weight Loss Tips

Eat less and exercise more. Those are fast weight loss tips we've all heard time and time again. Below you'll find a few unconventional methods that could help you lose weight fast, and help you wiggle into your skinny jeans.

#1: Think small to get smaller. Most of us think in terms of three square meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. But research indicates that by dividing exactly the same amount of calories into five or six mini snacks a day your blood sugar spikes less. Spikes in blood sugar can make you extremely hungry, so if you want to get less hungry, eat smaller meals more often. Hunger is a distraction that makes it difficult to lose weight fast.

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#2: A new you starts with blue. When was the last time you saw a fast-food restaurant painted blue? There's a good reason for that - they make more when you eat more, and color therapists agree the color blue acts as an appetite suppressant. If you want to lose weight fast, try serving up your dinner on a blue plate, and find yourself a blue tablecloth. Even better, put a blue light bulb in your refrigerator. One of the more strange fast weight loss tips, it's true. But most of us need all the help we can get! Also, if you want to lose weight fast, you might want to avoid the other side of the color wheel - reds, yellows, and oranges make you want to eat more.

#3: Eat on my signal. This tip to lose weight fast isn't strange or weird. Its common sense. don't start eating until you hear your stomach rumbling. We eat when we get bored, stressed out or nervous. We eat so often we can't remember what actual hunger feels like. Let your stomach growl, then grab a bite. That noise you're hearing is the sweet sound of success.

#4: Get some culture. Here's one of the more sensible fast weight loss tips - eat lots of low-fat (or no fat) yogurt. Studies show that if you cut 500 calories a day over three months, and eat yogurt three times a day for the same period, you'll lose more weight and body fat than if you simply cut calories. The magic ingredient seems to be calcium to lose weight fast. Try some of the new non-fat Greek yogurts on the market - they are thick, filling and delicious. Plus they give you three times more protein than regular non-fat yogurt.

#5: Get a closed sign, and use it. After dinner every night, close your kitchen down. Clean it up and close it down. If you have to, put crime scene tape over the doors! You can't lose weight fast if you're eating late night snacks. They are the enemy of the serious dieter. Eating later at night increases your overall number of calories. Some studies show that closing your kitchen at night can save you more than 300 calories a day. That alone could help you lose 31 pounds a year!

#6: Eat your Wheaties! Studies find that if instead of eating a traditional breakfast you eat cereal every day, you are significantly less likely to suffer from obesity and diabetes. You get less fat, more fiber and more calcium than folks who eat other foods for breakfast. Very important if you want to lose weight fast. It shouldn't take a list of fast weight loss tips to tell you that the cereals we're talking about don't include sugary kiddy cereals. Be smart, learn to read food labels and and enjoy your high-fiber, low-sugar breakfast.

#7: Go nuts. Want to lose weight fast? Try going a little nuts instead of eating a candy bar or bag of chips. Studies found that obese people who eat a diet lower in fat, along with a handful of nuts a day lose more weight than non-nut eaters. Fast weight loss tips don't come much nuttier than that!

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